In 1899, Alpha Sigma Tau was established because eight women wanted a community of women to be their home-away-from-home, to have an outlet for personal growth, and to belong to something greater than themselves. Today, this legacy lives on today through us. 

Alpha Sigma Tau is for us now what it was for our Founders then. It's our community where we find a sense of belonging with Sisters and have a family away from home. It's where we can try new things outside of our comfort zones and know that all of our Sisters have our backs if we need support. It's where we make lasting memories with women who will be our friends for life.

Here in the Gamma Delta Chapter, we love to strengthen our bonds of sisterhood through hosting sisterhood events throughout the semester. Some of our favorite memories come from these sisterhood events like apple picking, secret sister, retreat and more. These sisterhood events allow for us to destress, have fun with our sisters, and continue remind us what it truly means to be anchored forever.